Welcome to our English website. We are HOSHINO CO., LTD.
In this website you can see the outline of our products, company's history and philosophy etc.
We have invented and developed our own technology and have been producing fruit related and flower related products (including flower wrapping paper product).
We also have been selling our products not only for Japanese market but also overseas markets such as China, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Chile, Brazil and so forth.
Please e-mail us (info@hfw.co.jp) when you inquire.


Agriculture materials (Fruit related products): Special paper bags for growing excellent fruits.
Flower materials (Flower related products): Wrapping paper, Message card, Hand-carry bag, Paper Box for protecting flower etc

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Tel : 81(25) 374-2201 Fax : 81(25) 374-2171 E-mail : info@hfw.co.jp
Web: http://www.hfw.co.jp/hoshino/english/inengrish.htm